Afghanistan Flash Floods


Flash Floods Hit Afghanistan, Dozens of People Killed

The worst Storm in over 20 years has caused flash floods in western Afghanistan that have killed many people, thousands of homes and makeshift shelters have been destroyed along with some historic sites, thousands of acres of farmland, bridges and highways.

Two days of flooding started on thursday killed dozens of people in Jawzjan, Badghis and Herat provinces,Shir Khan a spokesman for Afghanistan's National Disaster Management Authority ( ANDMA) said, more than 950 families had been affected and many more bodies could be seen by the river.

Afghanistan has a largely arid climate, but summer can bring heavy rains in April in flooding in north and west Afghanistan.

Across many parts of Afghanistan, people already suffer from a lack of safe water, proper sanitation and healthcare, which contribute to catastrophic levels of malnutrition and these floods have made the situation worse.

The floods were caused by heavy rain that fell overnight and we are doing our best to recover more bodies.our focus is on providing aid to survivors.

Emergency Shelter: : Provide a family sized tent with a separate kitchen, washroom and sleeping compartment to house 3-4 people cost £130.

Medical Aid: Works for the health and dignity of flood affected people living as displaced; we provide immediate medical aid to those in great need, while also developing local capacity, skills to ensure the long-term development of the Afghan healthcare system in Emergency camps.

Food package includes: 2 Blankets, Flour, oil, tea, sugar ,rice , chickpeas and basic needs will be sufficient to sustain one family for a period of one month. 

We need your support now. Our teams are already on the ground and awaiting funds and supplies from your generosity.

Emergency Shelter £130

Emergency Medical Aid £95

Emergency Food Pack £70

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