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Give Your Zakat to disabled children, orphans, widows and displaced refugees in Afghanistan.

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Is Zakat Due?

If your total assets minus your total liabilities is more than 87.48 grams of gold (equivalent to roughly £4759.79* this year) Zakat will be obligatory on you.

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Use your Zakat to transform lives in Afghanistan.

“We made them leaders, guiding by Our command, and We inspired them to do good deeds, the observance of the Salat and the giving of the Zakat. They were worshippers of Us” – Quran, 21:73.

What is Zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam; it’s also an obligatory act of worship payable each year to those in need by every able Muslim. In His generosity, Allah (swt) gives the donor the beautiful opportunity to purify their wealth and their souls through Zakat.

Nisab on Gold and Silver

To make sure we have enough money for our personal expenses, including enough money to look after our own family, Zakat is only paid on assets exceeding a minimum threshold called Nisab, which is calculated on gold or silver.

Scholars have set the Nisab at:

  • 87.48 grams of goldaround £4,759.79
  • 612.36 grams of silveraround £373.54

The difference between the two values is due to the variations in demand for gold and silver, which used to be more equal in the days of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Don’t worry, it’s easy to calculate your Zakat! Use our online Zakat calculator —>

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Annual Report

We are pleased to submit our 2023 Annual Report, which shows the amazing projects and achievements made possible by your donations. We hope this reassures our donors of our commitment to our causes and projects. To review the report, click on the image below. Thank You!

Rebuilding Lives & Communities

Annual Report 2023

100% Zakat Policy – Saving Lives this Ramadan and Beyond

At Aryana Aid, we are proud to have a 100% Zakat Policy. This means that every penny you give reaches needy recipients.

We have been using your Zakat to assist displaced refugees, support disabled orphansrehabilitate war widows, and provide the poor and needy with essential foods and clean water.

This Ramadan, we need your support more than ever. Since September 2023, half a million Afghans have been expelled from Pakistan. As they wait to be repatriated, at border camps in Torkham, Spin Boldak and other areas, we are providing them with winter emergency packs (containing blankets and essential food items) and tents.

Zakat is not just for Ramadan

Remember that Zakat is not just for Ramadan but can be paid at any time during the year towards Zakat eligible projects.

So, why not set up a direct debit to pay your Zakat in monthly instalments between now and next year? This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on your responsibility. Use our Zakat calculator to see how much you owe.

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