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Afghanistan witnessed the highest number of attacks on NGO staff in 2011. Today, widespread insecurity and frequent attacks on aid workers still make it challenging for charities to provide relief in the area.

But, with more than 10 million people in Afghanistan suffering from food insecurity and high levels of poverty, we believe this is an optimal time for us to provide help. At Aryana Aid, we have first-hand knowledge and experience of areas in Afghanistan that other charities might overlook, which has enabled us to uplift the lives of thousands in need since 2009.

Find out more about life in Afghanistan as it is today in our blog.

Individuals working for the local militia switch sides, making it difficult for NGO staff on the ground to tell the difference between local security and criminal gangs.

As a consequence, aid workers put their lives at risk while delivering humanitarian relief to towns and villages.

But the threat of violence extends to civilians, especially the children of Afghanistan, who are some of the most vulnerable people at the moment.

More than four decades of war have left many children orphaned, disabled and unable to pursue their education. Poverty makes their situation even worse:

  • UNICEF has reported that one in five Afghan children will die before their 5th birthday due to malnutrition.
  • More than 600,000 children are forced to sleep on the street in rough weather conditions.
  • Over 2 million children are orphans.

Read our blog to find out more about how Afghan children cope with their harsh living conditions. 


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We are pleased to submit our 2022/23 Annual Report, which shows the amazing projects and achievements made possible by your donations. We hope this reassures our donors of our commitment to our causes and projects. To review the report, click on the image below. Thank you!

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