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Rebuilding Lives and Communities

We work with local Afghan communities to deliver emergency food, shelter and medical supplies.

100% of your donations go directly to beneficiaries – none to administrative costs.

Fidyah, Kaffarah and Fitrana
Fidyah, Kaffarah and Fitrana
Make sure you fulfil your obligations this Ramadan by feeding a poor Afghan.
Emergency Appeal
IDPs Emergency Appeal 2022
Help us provide emergency shelter, medical and food to families
Qurbani 2022
Qurbani 2022
Make a Qurbani donation to Afghanistan and Pakistan to honour Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) sacrifice.
Wheelchair Appeal
280,000 Afghan children are estimated to have a disability. Just £40 can improve their quality of life.
Orphan Sponsorship
Sponsor an Orphan
Become an agent of change. Help provide hope for Afghan orphans who deserve better futures.
The Gift of Food
Food Parcels
Simple yet precious interventions to make a positive impact against one of the world’s highest malnutrition rates.
Water for Life
Water Appeal
Water is a vital element that everyone should have access to. Make it accessible.
Widow Sponsorship
Widow Sponsorship
There are over 2.5 million widows in Afghanistan who need your support to protect themselves and their children.
Widow Appeal
Widow Skills Training
Through access to important life skills such as sewing and business development, we give women independence.
Emergency Shelter
Emergency Shelter
Help us provide emergency shelter, winter clothing, fuel and food to millions of homeless refugees.
Urgent Afghanistan Appeal
COVID-19 Relief Aid
The global pandemic is affecting an increasing number of people in Afghanistan on a daily basis
Winter Appeal
280,000 Afghan children are estimated to have a disability. Just £40 can immeasurably improve their quality of life
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