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Fidyah, Kaffarah and Fitrana

Fidyah, Kaffarah and Fitrana

Make sure you fulfil your obligations this Ramadan by feeding a poor Afghan.

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When to Pay Fidyah, Kaffarah & Fitrana

What is Fidyah in Islam? Fitrah or Fidyah or both? What is Kaffarah? How is Fidyah calculated? We answer these and other most frequently asked questions for you here.

“Oh, you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn piety and righteousness” (Q 2:183).

‘Sawm’, the Arabic word for ‘fasting’ literally means ‘to refrain’—and not just from food. During Ramadan, every part of our bodies must be restrained: the tongue, from backbiting and gossip; the eyes, from looking at unlawful things; the hand must refrain from taking or stealing and should instead give in charity.

And, because fasting is Fard/Wajib (compulsory) in Ramadan, we can’t afford to skip it. Otherwise, we commit a sin and have to redeem ourselves by feeding the poor thorough almsgiving in the form of Fidyah or Kaffarah. But, don’t be mistaken—they are not the same!

FIDYAH (also spelt Fidya)

When a person is unable to fast due to ill health or other reasonable excuse such as travel, they have to provide two meals for a poor person for every missed meal—this is Fidyah.

With Aryana Aid, Fidyah is £5 per day for one individual. So, the total amount for the entire month of Ramadan would be £5 x 30 (days of fasting) = £150.




If a fasting person deliberately breaks their fast, they are then required to either fast for another 30 consecutive days or feed 60 poor people for every missed fast.


In addition to Fidyah and Kaffarah, this Ramadan, you can also provide a family with a Ramadan food pack containing essential foods for Suhoor and Iftar for the whole month. By giving a food pack, you can ensure that some of the world’s poorest people receive a nourishing meal for each day of Ramadan, Insh’Allah!



Fitrana (also known as Zakatul-Fitr or Sadaqa Al-Fitr) is a small amount of food to be given in charity at the end of Ramadan before the Eid Salah. This amount is obligatory and separate from the annual payment of Zakat, which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Unlike Zakat, which is calculated annually as a percentage of extra wealth, Fitrana is to be paid equally by every Muslim man, woman, and child (sick or healthy, old or young) at the end of Ramadan.

Amount of Fitrana

According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), each person should give away in charity an amount equivalent to one sa’a (an ancient measure of volume) of grain. One sa’a today converts to 2.5kg (5lbs) of wheat. The senior member of the household is responsible for paying the amount on behalf of the family.

The purpose of this charitable donation is to ensure all members of the community have food during the Eid holiday. The recommended foods may vary according to the local diet, but, traditionally, include foods such as flour/wheat, rice, barley, corn, dates and raisins.


When to Pay Fitrana? Donations must be made as early as possible in Ramadan so that people can receive food in time on Eid.

Who Benefits from Fitrana?

Fitrana is intended for members of the Muslim community who do not have enough to feed themselves and their family members. It is traditionally given directly to individuals in need. In some places, one may take the donation directly to a needy family.

In other places, the local mosque may collect all food donations for distribution towards community members. At Aryana Aid, we accept online donations which are used to purchase food for distribution in regions affected by famine and disaster.

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