Afghanistan is Asia’s poorest country and the world’s most dangerous place for Aid Agencies.

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According to the Aid Worker Security Report 2012, Afghanistan witnessed the highest number of attacks on NGO staff in 2011.

The threat of violence is everywhere in Afghanistan.

The Afghan NGO Safety Office (ANSO), recorded 39 separate incidents of violence in the first quarter of 2013, an increase of 63% over the same period in 2012.

ANSO also reported that the rise in aid worker violence followed a general rise in attacks on ordinary Afghans across the country.

Violence in Afghanistan is often seen as a struggle between the Taliban and government and international forces; the reality, however, is more complicated.

Individuals working for the local militia switch sides, making it difficult for NGO staff on the ground to tell the difference between local security and criminal gangs.

As a consequence, aid workers put their lives at risk while delivering humanitarian relief to towns and villages.

The threat of violence also impacts the children of Afghanistan. 

According to UNICEF, 414 child casualties were recorded in the first four months of 2013, an increase of 27% over the same period in 2012.

Children's education is also disrupted by violence and many lose family members including parents, making them vulnerable to sexual predators.

Bacha-bazi, the practice of owning a young boy for sexual purposes is widespread and under reported in Afghanistan.  

Children suffer at the hands of their relatives also.

Read Mustafa's story in his own words translated from Dari:

'My name is Mustafa and I am the son of Ghafoor; my mother died when I was three years old and my father died in the war.

'I am 15 years old now and I live at a home for orphans run by Aryana Aid in Kabul.

'Before this, I lived with my uncle and experienced a great deal of hardship and cruelty from him.

'I was a burden to my uncle after my father died, and he used different methods of torture to hurt me.

'I spent my days looking after his sheep in the fields. I did not go to school and I did not have any friends.

'I was treated like an unpaid servant'.

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