Aryana Aid has been working with local people in the area to address the challenges of displaced refugees across Afghanistan.

Emergency Shelter


HELP us provide emergency shelter for desperate families left homeless,following a generation of conflict in Afghanistan.Help us protect them from freezing temperatures that can fall below -26°during the winter months.  


Photo © Aryana Aid

According to the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), nearly 5.7 million refugees have returned to Afghanistan in the last decade.

However, the lack of job opportunities in the region means that millions become dependent on the government to help them find shelter, and to help them re-integrate back into society.

The population of Kabul has tripled in the last seven years, and the government’s land allocation scheme has a waiting list of several thousand families.

Although hundreds of makeshift camps have been created to ‘house' the homeless, many people choose to settle on mountain ranges and areas outside of the official camps; emergency response is often needed to prevent casualties resulting from the harsh winter conditions.

Aryana Aid has been working with local people to address homelessness since 2009.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we’ve supplied tents, winter clothing, winter food and fuel to desperate Afghan families, and also purchased resettlement land for those that are most in need.

Read Ghulam’s story in his own words translated from Dari:

‘I am Ghulam Rasool son of Ghulam Hazrat and a resident of Kabul.

'I lost my house and my land in the war, and I struggled to support ten members of my family because of the ongoing security crisis.

‘I visited Aryana Aid after I was unable to find work, and I told them about my problems.

‘The charity’s volunteers helped me write an application for a small piece of land which was granted to me by the committee. The charity also helped me build a house on the land that I had been awarded.

‘I am truly grateful for the help and support given to me by Aryana Aid; my family and I will remember the charity in our prayers for the rest of our lives’.

By donating £130.00 ,You can provide a family sized tent with a separate kitchen, washroom and sleeping compartment to house 3-4 people. 

We are pleased to submit our last year Annual Report, which shows the amazing achievements we have made with your donations, we hope this assures our donors about the commitment we always make to the programs on the ground. Review the report by clicking the image, Thank you!