Hundreds of orphans have been saved from a life of hunger, hardship,fear and misery in Afghanistan.

Orphan Sponsorship


HELP us to provide a warm, caring and loving environment for Afghan children that have lost their parents in war, hunger and disease. Rebuild their shattered lives with safe home, food, clothing, medicine and education. Afghanistan has been called the worst place to be a child.


Photo © Aryana Aid     Promoting the rights of children in Afghanistan!

One in five will die before their 5th birthday (UNICEF). More than 600,000 children sleep on the streets in Afghanistan and over 2 million are orphans. They don't know their date of birth, have no birth certificate, have lost every thread of any family network, and celebrate no holidays.

Some of them were forced to watch as their parents, relatives, or friends were manhandled, raped, or killed. These children are unprotected and are exploited for the goals of diverse political and religious groups.

The most vulnerable group in any war zone are children; especially children who are orphans.They suffer from chronic malnutrition and widespread occurrence of micro - nutrient deficiency. 1 in 10 children die before reaching the age of 5 years. A large proportion of orphans work in order to provide for themselves and their families.

These children not only miss out on their education, but also miss out on their childhoods.The lack of a normal childhood and education feeds into a cycle of underdevelopment thereby exacerbating problems in the future.

Protection and development of children is the long term solution. Our priority therefore is on providing a nurturing environment where children are educated and do not have to worry about working or providing for their siblings, our orphan sponsorship programme is potentially the most important project.

There are 1560 orphan students comprised of ( 905 girls and 655 boys ) in Afghanistan, The other Shcool in Baluchistan, Pakistan caters for 430 orphans who are directly linked with Aryana Aid charity and many more are on the waiting list.We keep on increasing our capacity and helping these students to live better life and positive changes in their lives.

The Prophet ( pbuh ) Said, '' I and The person, who looks after an orphan and provides him/her, will be in paradise like this'', putting his index and middle fingers together.

By donating £300, you can help and sponsor an orphan child for a whole year and provides the orphan with all of their basic necessities, such as education, accommodation, basic healthcare, food and clothing.

Sponsorship of a child not only provides them with their basic necessities, but also protects them from exploitation, violence, and sexual abuse.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, hundreds of children have already been saved from a life of hunger, hardship, fear and misery in Afghanistan .   

We are pleased to submit our last year Annual Report, which shows the amazing achievements we have made with your donations, we hope this assures our donors about the commitment we always make to the programs on the ground. Review the report by clicking the image, Thank you!

Annual Report 2019