Keep a Family Warm with £120 This Winter


Afghanistan's Killer Winter

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 70% of   the population lives below the national poverty line and it has the second highest maternal mortality rate. The problem is worse during the winter when dependency on food aid is even higher.

Thanks to donors and supporters like you, over the last 10 years we have been able to save the lives of thousands of orphans, widows and families living in extreme poverty. In 2020 we are determined that with your continued help and support that we will reach even more Insha Allah.

This is a special request for our winter campaign helping displaced Refugees in Afghanistan. Your continuous support is needed more now due to the cold and poor weather, living in such conditions is terrible, They are your brothers and sisters, and they have rights over you just as your family, friends so does the Muslim Ummah at large, especially because they are oppressed.

Afghanistan has the second highest number of internally displaced refugees in the world, many of them are left exposed to freezing zero temperatures, the poor living in rural areas and those in refugee camps are the most at risk.

ARYANA AID is on the ground help and rescue those who are in need, with your generous help we can save precious lives, make this winter a happy and pleasant time of the year for those who live in extreme poverty, however we will not be able to help them without your support.

You can help us by sending Your Zakat, Lillah and Sadaqah donation, which will go towards many things, including sponsoring a child or widow family, buying food, fuel, Blankets and shelter, our primary focus is orphan children and widow families. They live in desperate conditions.

Winter Pack: Includes – 2 Blankets, Flour, oil, tea, sugar ,rice , chickpeas and basic needs to sustain one family for a period of one month cost £120.

Emergency Shelter: Provide a family sized tent with a separate kitchen, washroom and sleeping compartment to house 3-4 people cost £130.

How to make donation?   
You can make your donation through website, Bank Transfer or send a cheque to our office Address : Unit 1 / 62 Alexandra Road Enfield EN3 7EH.

Cheques Should be payable to ARYANA AID for Bank Transfer use charity Bank details: Bank Barclays: Sort Code: 20 – 29 -77Account No. 90526584

Please help support our work in delivering aid to assist thousands of needy men, women and children in the region. As a Muslim we can not sit by and watch our brothers and sisters die. They need your support and Duas.

We Thank you for your Support!    Donate now

We are also pleased to submit our last year Annual Report, which shows the amazing achievements we have made with your donations, we hope this assures our donors about the commitment we always make to the programs on the ground. Review the report by clicking the image.

Annual Report 2019