£40 Give's Mobility to a Disabled Child
£40 Give's Mobility to a Disabled Child
Help us to provide disabled children with the essential wheelchairs and other mobility equipment they need to lead fun and active childhoods.

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Photo © Aryana Aid Transforming lives through the gift of mobility.

We need your support to help thousands of handicapped orphan children who are a victim of the decades of conflict in Afghanistan. These children desperately need you, so they can start to regain their forgotten childhoods.

By choosing Aryana Aid's wheelchair Program, for your Zakat and Sadaqah you could be sure that your contributions will help the world's most vulnerable orphan children to enjoy a better childhood in Afghanistan and given them the gift of mobility again.

During three and half decades of war, Afghanistan's children were some of the worst affected. Hundreds of schools were closed and with their basic infrastructures destroyed during the harsh ultra-religious rule, children in Afghanistan continue to suffer now.

Today only one-third of Afghanistan’s 150,000 disabled children go to school. Even then the 50,000 who do manage to go to school are often subject to segregated specialist facilities that are under-resourced and inadequate. Many disabled children eventually drop out; they are some of the most forgotten victims of Afghanistan.

Aryana Aid knows that this needs to change and our wheelchair appeal is one way to ensure that thousands of children never suffer this isolation again. You might not be able to fully comprehend how a handicapped person feels, but for a generous donation of just £120, you can certainly help to restore their smile.

Aryana Aid was founded to transform the futures of these disabled children in Afghanistan by providing them with the gift of mobility. we have distributed, so far hundreds of wheelchairs with your generous support.

We are starting a transformation for disabled orphans that they could never have dreamed of; opening doors to education and opportunities in their own communities to secure their futures, but we still have thousands of children who desperately need our help.

We are appealing to you to help us achieve this utmost noble endeavour. Our aim and dream is to be able to provide every disabled child, man and woman a wheelchair in Afghanistan so that they can restore their shattered lives. 

We ask you to help us by sending your generous donation of £120 as soon as possible so that we can distribute vital wheelchairs to those who live in desperate conditions.

You can make your donation through our website, bank transfer or send a cheque to our office (cheques should be payable to Aryana Aid). We thank you for your interest and support, please spread the word.

We are pleased to submit our last year Annual Report, which shows the amazing achievements we have made with your donations, we hope this assures our donors about the commitment we always make to the programs on the ground. Review the report by clicking the image, Thank you!