COVID-19 Relief Aid



The virus pandemic is affecting an increasing number of people in Afghanistan on a daily basis. The country is in lockdown at the moment. According to medical advice, the best way to prevent the spreading of the virus is by avoiding being exposed to it. But, for the poor and misinformed, this is not enough. We need to help them in these uncertain times by spreading awareness on methods of prevention and supporting them with necessary food and sanitation items.

Our volunteers across Afghanistan are risking their lives by working with local communities on the ground to supply essential aid to people in need. We are distributing:

- Food packs
- Hygiene Kits
- Testing Kits 
- Building safe Quarantine areas and shelters

Alongside this life-saving aid we are also running a programme that spreads awareness of means of prevention amongst poor people. Through this programme, we are also looking to deliver food and essential aid items such as cleaning soap, hand sanitiser, facial masks, leaflets on coronavirus and others.

But we need your help to protect the most vulnerable from the spread of this virus.

Please generously give your Zakat, Lillah and Sadaqah to save the lives of thousands of people across Afghanistan.

These people have already suffered from an ongoing, merciless war and continue to live in terrifying conflict times.

Support our campaign today.


Thousands of children, families and elderly people across Afghanistan having been living in crisis after decades of violence in the region. The virus has compounded an already terrible situation – for the thousands of families who live hand to mouth the lockdown means they have no food, water or shelter. Alongside this the overcrowded refugee camps and cramped living spaces in a country without any healthcare means this virus could be catastrophic for the people of Afghanistan.

Donate now to protect some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

£70 can support one family with a food pack
£60 can donate one family hygiene pack
£200 gives a family food and hygiene supplies including testing kits 

About COVID-19

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses causing illness that ranges from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV). The virus is being spread at an alarming rate on the globe and a high number of people have now died because of coronavirus related affections. This virus is highly contagious and, currently, there is no vaccine to prevent it.

Annual Report 

We are pleased to submit last year's Annual Report, which shows our most valued achievements only possible thanks to your donations. We hope this assures our donors about our commitment to our causes. Review the report by clicking the image below. Thank you!